NWP - A Division of SACO AEI Polymers, Inc., involvement with Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) can be tracked back to the 1970s in Italy, when the owner and founder invented the Wood-Stock technology to service the Automotive industry. The deep knowledge and experience collected over the years of formulating compounds, manufacturing sheets and dialoging with customers that were purchasing finished products, have strongly  rooted NWP in this field. Today the Wood-Stock product continues to be selected by the Automotive industry, and NWP continues to invest heavily in the science surrounding the polymers, fibers and additives used to advance the product lines.

Customers that do business with NWP have come to recognize that an exposure to the current product offering is just the first step into the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, massive research in the WPC field. When you forge a relationship with NWP Inc., you gain access to its entire family of companies. Through its group of companies, NWP brings to the table its insights on polymer chemistry and compounding, on extrusion and other conversion technologies, and on the manufacturing of finished goods. Through the years, access to this invaluable insight has helped NWP develop additive solutions for the WPC market that don't just perform at a singular level, but are synergistic when combined. It is this insight and knowledge that has grounded the company in its slogan "combinations matter".