LINXIDAN® LX4433 Data Sheet
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               LINXIDAN® LX4433 MSDS

                 LINXIDAN®  LX4435 MSDS

Coupling Agents


Coupling Agents are substances that are used in small quantities to help with the bonding of other materials in the polymer matrix such as wood-fiber and thermoplastics. Coupling Agents improve the mechanical properties of wood flour and plastic composites. NWP’s LINXIDAN® line of Coupling Agents (available in PE or PP form) has shown an improvement in Impact Strength, Flexural Strength, an increase in Flex Modulus, and also a reduction in Water Absorption by using 2% or less of our Coupling Agents. NWP offers several Coupling Agents to meet various needs. In addition to our standard product line, NWP can also offer proprietary solutions by working closely with our customers to develop a customized solution that’s right for them.

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